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These are the testimonials from our awesome clients that leave feedback about our work on our "Yelp" page. We appreciate the time that our clients take to write these reviews for us, some even create accounts just for us and we think its amazing!

"Josh is great! He has always been available to help take care of my two Siberian Huskies! He is reasonably priced for his services. He always sends me updates about my dogs after their walk. Thank you Josh for all your great service you have provided to me and my pups!"

- April W. ( Hillcrest )

"After my last dog walker left for a new job I was panicked to find a new dog walker for my little Lou. After meeting with several other dog walkers I was disappointed and convinced we wouldn't be able to find someone to fit when I found Joshua and Walks to Wags on Craigslist of all places (I'm convinced CL is best place to find the real gems in life). Right away he scheduled a meet and greet to come over to meet my partner and myself along with Louie (our dog) as well as our neighbor John and his dog Cora, who would be sharing the walk with Louie. Not only did the girls fall instantly in love with him, Joshua was professional and asked all the right questions & gave all the right answers. Pricing wise it was very reasonable and although it's a shorter time slot than the last walker we used, I haven't noticed Louie act like she's that upset about it. For the roughly two months that Lou has been walking with him there's been no issues and clear communication if there is ever a question about timing. We are very thankful that we found Joshua for Lou-I'm pretty convinced that she is happier to see him than she is to see me at the end of the day!"

- Karen B. ( University Heights )

"Over the past two years I have gone through a couple of dog walkers ....some that are semi-reliable and some that are some that are overpriced and then I found walk to wags on Instagram. I called them and he immediately set up a time to come meet my dog and get acquainted with the route that I would like my dog walked when I travel for work. My dog also has some restrictions and walks to wags was very attentive to those needs. My schedule is kind of complex and very flexible and walks to wags has been very accommodating in working with me to make sure that my dog is taken care of; from when I have to travel last minute or when I know far in advance. Walks the wags has always been very very accommodating and my dog is very happy with the treatment he receives... When we have seen the owners drive dog wants to chase the car as they drive by and say hello. He likes them:) They are very professional and the fact that they have CPR certification for pets, they are licensed and insured, and have followed my instructions each and every time. Did I mention that they are affordable and have extremely flexible plans where you can have packages, discounts and even have packages where they walk your dog it with your neighbors dog for a discounted price! They do all the dog walks individually which I like because they can give my dog that individual attention that he requires. They really have put a great business plan into a dog walking service. I would recommend this company to everyone in San Diego proper. They are young new business owners and I think they've taken the right steps in making sure that they are reliable, honest and trustworthy dog walkers.."

- Julie D. ( Ocean Beach )

"Remy is my first dog and I've been cautious about every new step I've taken with him.  I emailed many, many dog walking services when I decided that he needed a little more human contact and exercise during the day,  and Josh was by far the most attentive. He came out the next day for a meet and greet and asked questions that showed me that he was going to give Remy the kind of attention he needs.  Remy is a very energetic 3-year-old pit boxer mix rescue, and he can be a bit of a handful.  I was nervous about leaving him in the care of a stranger, but Josh has been wonderful about communicating with me, sending updates, and letting me know Remy is in good hands.  He even started walking one of Remy's best buddies with him twice a week without increasing the price, so I get to share the cost and Remy gets time with his little doggie pal. The personal attention and professionalism is above the par, to say the least. Remy is much happier with Walks to Wags in his life,  and so am I."

- Kimberly T. ( Golden Hills )

"I was so impressed with Nala's (my dog) reaction when she met Josh. Seems normally not crazy about meeting people unless it's in our home. She loved him. Unfortunately our experience was short lived only had Josh walk Nala for a few weeks but we have bumped into Josh after and Nala gets excited as a little kids get meeting their new best friend. I would totally recommend them and continue the daily walks if I could. Did I mention how affordable they were?  Any way,if you're looking for a dog walker,you can't go wrong with these guys."

-Christina A. ( Point Loma )

"For anyone seeking a dog walker in San Diego, I would definitely recommend Walks to Wags. I met with a few different walkers before deciding on Josh. The prices are the most reasonable I've seen, and the availability is great. Have a last minute walking need? Josh has got it! My dog and his best friend (who lives next door), get walked together and I see how much happier my dog is now that he's getting some outdoor time during the day."

- Sandra C. (South Park )

"Josh is by far the best, safest, and most available dog walker ever. He is always a phone call away and makes sure you know your dogs are home safe. I have never felt better about leaving my dogs with anyone."

- Marisa E. ( Ocean Beach )

"Amazing people! Last minute and always able to be there! Josh is always a phone call away! I'm so grateful for all the time. He not only takes my puppy gemma on walks. It's a moment that my baby gets to learn more and get the love she deserves when I have to work. We text after every walk and he updates me on how well she was. Great prices too. So far cheapest I have found!"

- Christa B. ( Ocean Beach )

"Josh has helped me with 2 business trips ; watching and taking care of my 2 dogs Oscar and Gus. Both dogs I know are in great care with Josh ; they're so happy to see him ! I have used dog walking and house sitting services for years on both coasts; Josh is in my top 5 of all time. I couldn't trust Oscar and Gus in better hands! Thank you Josh!"

- Dr. Maura Tuso ( Point Loma )

"Josh at Walks to Wags is flexible in scheduling his time with my dog and is clear in communicating about her behavior and their services. My dog rushes the door when he comes; she's so excited for play time with Josh and the pup next door!"

- John P. ( University City )

"When I learned I would be out to sea for a good amount of time this year and my boyfriend would be swamped with college, I started panicking and looking for dog daycares. As I was looking, not only was I appalled at the prices, but a lot of places wouldn't take my dog because he wasn't fixed. As my frustration continued to grow, my boyfriend walked in with the walks to wags phone number. After a little discussion, I gave josh a call and never looked back. He walks my two little ones eight times a month for thirty minutes(a REAL thirty minutes) and the price is amazing. He is always professional, and the first time he came to meet the dogs they loved him instantly. I was a little skeptical because my Aussie can tend to be standoffish, but he took to Josh immediately. He knows how to take care of the dogs, asks about allergies, where things are, etc. One night my Aussie was sick and I was going to take him to the vet the next day so I canceled his walk. Like most businesses, once you pay and cancel something you lose it. But to my surprise josh offered to walk them when my Aussie was better to make up for the lost walk. It was amazing. Josh is literally a blessing in disguise not only for my dogs but also for my bank account. Don't pass this one up!"

- Caitlin C. ( Ocean Beach )

"We are so happy we found Josh! Our last dog walker/sitter wasn't working out and meet with a handful of local walkers in the process. We went with Josh and have been using his services for the last two months for weekly midday walks for our two pups. Puts us at ease know the girls are taken care of. Thanks Josh!"

- Michelle B. ( Hillcrest )

"Josh has been coming over and walking my dog 2-3 times a week regularly for the last 4 months.  I can tell Josh has a real passion for spending time with dogs and really cares about them.  In fact, I think my pug likes his more then me!! Aside from that, Josh has been very in coming over even last minute.  When I was out of town for a week, Josh took good care of my pug, taking him to the park every day and giving him all of his medications.  He is extremely dependable and I can't think of anyone I would trust with my dog more then him.  Most dog walkers overcharge and do the bare minimum.  Josh is worth more than his labor!"

- Christian W. ( UTC )

"This review is overdue!  Josh has been waking our 3yr old rescue poodle mix four days a week for about a month (started about 4 days after we adopted her).  He has been an absolute delight to work with, and it is worth noting, I am not an easy customer!  Since Estie is my first dog and is a rescue, I am a total overprotective worry wart.  Josh communicates promptly with me to ensure we are on schedule and keeps me posted on how Estie does each day (yes, he texts me after every walk to let me know how it went -- I told you I wasn't easy).  He is also extremely flexible and very reliable -- since both my husband and I work quite a bit, his being so accommodating is fantastic. And as if that all weren't enough, he is nice, patient and clearly loves the pooches he walks with.  And the feeling is mutual...Estie loves him too!  We are lucky to have found Josh!"

- Tovah A. ( Downtown )

"Our dog Wally gets walked by Josh, he is great really helpful and responsible. I've been having great experiences with their service. Josh is great with our dog Wally and is always receptive to any changes or additional things we need with the dog. Josh updates us regularly and is always very protective of Wally. I would definitely recommend Josh from Walks to Wags to any dog owner."

- Sebastian B. ( Pacific Beach )

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